Weeding & Pruning

A Straightforward Service For Weeding and Pruning

Weeding & Pruning Maida ValeGet professional garden care for your outside space no matter what size it is. This weeding and pruning service helps you to maintain flowerbeds. Improve and care for vegetable patches. And generally keep every part of your garden in green, blooming, and healthy condition.
Gardeners Maida Vale are your local expert gardeners, serving all of the immediate area. Get chatting to us about the care your plants need, and we’ll provide a free, no-obligation quote on getting it. Simple!

What You Get In Your Weeding and Pruning Services:

  • An on-the-spot meeting with you team of two professional gardeners, so you can talk about your service
  • The inclusion of all of the tools and bespoke equipment needed to complete your weeding and pruning
  • Insurance protection for you and your property while your experts are working
  • 24/7 support services provided with all garden care you get from us as standard
  • Bank Holiday bookings and weekend appointment slots available without extra charge
  • No obligation or cost when you request a free quote on your weeding and pruning services
  • The removal of up to 180 litres of green waste is included for zero charge

What Your Appointment Can Include

Weeding & Pruning Maida ValeWhen your team of two professional gardeners arrive at your gate or front door, they’ll be ready to walk around your garden with you and discuss your requirements. This lets you chat to an expert about what you want done, get some advice if needed, and generally ensure that you get exactly what you want out of your weeding and pruning services.
This service is suitable for all sizes of garden, on both commercial properties and domestic ones. No matter how much and what type of garden care you need, we’re ideally positioned to provide it.

Is that all you need from us? Other clients who’ve booked this service have also used us for stump grinding and lawn mowing.